RAUM is a collaborative project investigating spatial design education in relation to global urban development challenges.

This blog brings together teaching and research activities that will take place over 2016-2018 as part of the project, resulting from a partnership between the Universities of Sheffield, Nanjing, Johannesburg and CEPT in Ahmedabad.

Led by Dr Beatrice De Carli, Dr Florian Kossak and Dr Tatjana Schneider, RAUM will bring together graduate students and academics from these four universities to rethink the capacities, qualities, methodologies and tools that spatial practitioners need to develop in order to have a positive impact in the face of global challenges affecting cities, such as climate change and social inequality.

The project is based on individual and collective research by the academics and work done within the context of the MA in Urban Design Programme at Sheffield School of Architecture.

Partners will take part in teaching and research collaborations and a series of dialogues that will focus on distinct aspects of design education in relation to global challenges. The project aims to make explicit the diverse set of techniques, tools and actions that can be employed in these contexts.


RAUM is an initiative by:

University of Sheffield, School of Architecture (UK)

in partnership with:

CEPT Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Faculty of Architecture (India)

Nanjing University, School of Architecture and Urban Planning (China)

University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, DSD DESIS Lab (South Africa)


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